Healthy (Holiday) Snacks


My blog for The Parenting Playground for the holiday season! And yes, I took these pictures, I had a couple elves help me make and test every recipe I created.

With some quick adjustments, these recipes can be a year-round treat, from summer vacation to winter break.

Enjoy these recipes with your family!

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Del Mar Food Revolution


See me quoted in this article from the Del Mar Times about how I worked to bring nutritious and appealing foods into the school lunch program.

My 5-step approach to building a great school lunch:

  1. Choose fruits and vegetables. Aim for five servings a day. A serving of carrots is about six baby carrots; a fruit serving could be one medium orange.
  2. Let whole grains reign. Grains include breads, cereals, rice and pasta.
  3. Know the facts about fat. Kids need some fat in their diets but don’t need to eat too much of it. No food is bad but you may want to eat higher fat lunch foods like French fries, macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets less often and in smaller portions.
  4. Slurp sensibly. If kids don’t like milk, choose water. Avoid juice drinks and soda.
  5. Steer clear of packaged snacks. It’s OK to have once in a while but they shouldn’t be on your lunch menu.
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Corned Beef Sandwich – Yum!

Even a Registered Dietitian loves her corned beef sandwich from Katz’s Deli in NYC. Check me out at 41 seconds!

beef copy


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Welcome to the Health Institute of Nutrition!

JodieBlockThe Health Institute of Nutrition promotes the idea that you can live a healthy life by eating a variety of foods in moderation. 

Eat for enjoyment, satisfaction, and fuel.

Eat well and enjoy what you eat!

For more information about me, go to my page About Jodie.



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